Obtain Capsule Coins ($CAPS) to test features on our Alphanet

The Alphanet faucet provides you with some free test CAPS tokens to start building or interacting with the Ternoa chain on the Alphanet network.

It is accessible via the Ternoa website.

Get some free Alphanet test CAPS tokens

Paste your fresh Ternoa account address created previously (it starts with the number 5 e.g. 5DFAg6g9n3fNT2...VDSt5a1psr7BFJ1), verify the captcha, and click on the Claim button.

You will receive alpha CAPS tokens within a few minutes.

If the daily 100 alphanet $CAPS allowance is not enough, feel free to reach out to our dev community team on Discord.

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