Transmission Protocols

Ternoa provides you with many advanced NFT features. Not only creating an NFT can be done in just a few lines of code but we also cover many NFT advanced use cases: Ternoa allows you to easily create functions to rent, auction, or even add secrets to your NFTs without using any smart contracts. Among those advanced features, Ternoa introduces a new concept when using your NFT: the Transmission Protocols.

What are Transmission Protocols?

Ternoa responds to existing centralized storage solutions by using a capsule or secret NFTs and offers a new solution for secure data transmission: the transmission protocols. Existing storage solutions are limited and do not provide automated transfer services. Ternoa has created transmission protocols to be able to change the state and ownership of a digital asset (NFT) automatically after a specific condition has been met.

Transmission Protocols features

Setting one of the four transmission protocols
  • AtBlock: The Date Protocol

  • AtBlockWithReset: The Date with countdown reset Protocol

  • OnConsent: The Consent Protocol

  • OnConsentAtBlock: The Consent at Date Protocol

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Reseting the timer of the Date with Countdown Protocol
  • It resets the timer countdown for AtBlockWithReset (Date with countdown) protocol

Removing a transmission protocol
  • It removes a transmission protocol from an NFT

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