Welcome to the Ternoa documentation center, a resource dedicated to those keen on exploring, developing, or securing Ternoa.

Whether you are here to delve into the overarching principles of our technology, or you're eager to launch a new project, embark on an exciting Web3 journey with Ternoa. Please find below a short description of what to expect from each section of our documentation.


This section is intended to guide you through the initial steps to enjoy our features and make the most of it. It offers an interactive path to help you rapidly acquire knowledge and discover the most effective ways to utilize our tools, including the Ternoa SDK architecture, fundamental concepts, the indexer, and our smart contracts. While this isn't a detailed builders' guide, it remains focused on developers' needs.


If you are ready to deep dive into a learning track or simply want more information and examples on specific concepts, you should look at the Learn section. For a comprehensive list of our features, and some specific primitives, or to get information about our TEE-powered solutions, please focus on the Core Features section.


The build section covers every key step required to develop a dApp on Ternoa. The first step consists of choosing your weapons:

  • JS SDK: If your project requires simple blockchain interactions, or if you are a web developer getting started in web3, look no further. Thanks to our Ternoa.js SDK, your first dApp will be out on the market in no time.

  • Ink! Smartcontracts: Build your dApp by coding and deploying your smart-contract on our WASM Layer 1. This is the best way to build a complex, fully made-to-measure dApp. Accessible to C, C++, Rust, and Typescript developers.

  • Solidity Smartcontracts: Coming soon...

As a developer, we recommend you first go through our Getting Started track, to get the prerequisites (wallet and development tokens) before enjoying your (soon-to-be) preferred building ecosystem!


This section is dedicated to holders looking to contribute their stake to help secure our network, and to hardware operators interested in running nodes on the Ternoa network. Learn everything you need about launching a node, running a validator, and our various network incentive programs

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