All resources you'll need to build the future on Ternoa
Ternoa is an NFT-focused chain based on Substrate that aims to provide the best experience for developers and users of NFT-driven dApps.
Ternoa’s unique innovation include the ability for users to store private data within NFTs, user-specified conditions for automated transfers of the secret NFTs to other wallets, lending or sharing NFTs with others while retaining full-rights and NFT ownership, combining multiple NFTs into a new NFT, and sharing of NFT ownership through fractionalization.
In this quick start guide, we walk you through using Ternoa for the first time.

Get Started

A step by step tutorial to start with Ternoa. Here you will learn everything with token CAPS management and get new experience with creation, minting and trading NFTs.


All you need to know to build dApps, interact with the Ternoa Blockchain and deploy your own Marketplace.


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