The Ternoa Token bridge is the safest and fastest way to swap between ERC20 CAPS <-> Native CAPS & ERC20 CAPS <-> BEP20 CAPS.

A blockchain bridge provides a connection that allows for the transfer of tokens between two different blockchain ecosystems. A bridge is required for Ternoa because as of the ICO date, CAPS were ERC-20 tokens. However, native CAPS are necessary to stake, earn rewards and pay transaction fees on Ternoa chain.

This bridge enables CAPS ERC-20 holders to transfer them onto the Ternoa blockchain, on a one-on-one basis. Follow this link to discover the Ternoa Bridge.

Unlike many other bridges, the Ternoa Bridge will lock your ERC20 CAPS and mint the equivalent in native CAPS on the Ternoa network. In this manner, if you decide to sell your native CAPS, you will need to transfer them back to the Ethereum network by using the Ternoa Bridge again.

ERC20 contracts are built using ChainBridge, a modular Multi-Directional Blockchain Bridge to interact with Ethereum and Substrate, based chains networks.

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