Governance & Proposals

CAPS plays a role in Ternoa blockchain governance.

The Democracy module manages the administration of the general stakeholders' vote. Ternoa allows CAPS holders to be custodians of the network and to have decision-making power regarding blockchain governance. Blockchain governance includes developments, partners, protocols, etc.

There are two different queues to which a proposal can be added before it becomes a referendum:

  1. The proposal queue, which comprises all public proposals

  2. The external queue is comprised of a single proposal that comes from one of the external origins (such as a collective group).

At each launch period, a referendum is created from a proposal taken in turn from the proposal queue or from the external queue. Any CAPS holder in the system can vote on referendums. The voting system uses a fixed-time vote by allowing the token holder to fix his or her conviction behind the vote. The conviction dictates how long the tokens are locked for, as well as the multiplier that scales the power of the vote.

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