Rental NFT

NFT Renting allows individuals to rent NFTs they would like to borrow for a limited amount of time. A borrower can rent an NFT and gain access to exclusive content or experiences. At the same time, an NFT owner can rent their NFT to share its utility and earn passive income seamlessly. We believe Rental NFTs have endless possibilities from leveraging gaming assets, renting prime digital land, gaining access to exclusive music, and so on.

An NFT rental involves an owner of an NFT and a person who wants to borrow the NFT for a limited or infinite amount of time. The NFT owner/renter develops a contract with the guidelines on price, time period, and cancellation policy. At Ternoa, we support 2 main rental agreements with countless flexible combinations:

  • Fixed: Borrower requests NFT and the rental contract is for a fixed amount of time and set price.

  • Subscription: Borrower will pay the NFT owner a recurring payment to rent the NFT for a longer period of time

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