Primitives features

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets that signify ownership of distinctive items or content, which can range from artwork to items in video games or even credentials.

Ternoa's fundamental components, also called primitives, are essential for the creation and management of NFTs. These primitives generally include the technical specifications and standards that define how NFTs are minted, transferred, and stored on the blockchain. They are vital in providing groundwork for diverse NFT applications and platforms, enabling developers to innovate and create new uses for NFTs. Ternoa provides an extensive range of primitives, spanning from fundamental NFT and Collection features to the more unique and distinctive Protocols or Private NFTs.

Mint Basic NFTs

  • Create NFTs on Ternoa, up to 1000 NFTs per block for batch.

NFT Collections

  • Group NFTs with similar attributes or functions into on-chain collections with defined supply.

NFT Marketplaces

  • Create fully decentralized marketplaces, defining on-chain rules such as listing costs and commission fees.

NFT Royalties

  • Set up on-chain royalties management rules for your NFTs. Fully decentralized royalties are not controlled by the Marketplace owner.

NFT Auctions

  • Sell NFTs with on-chain English auctions rules. NFT owners can auction their NFTs and users can bid on them in a fully trustless manner.

NFT Delegation

  • Share your NFT and its utilities with a beneficiary without giving up ownership. It’s a perfect solution for Guilds’ assets management.

NFT Renting

  • Lend your NFT and its utilities to a borrower without transferring ownership. NFT owners can rent power-ups, add-ons, tools, products, or even subscriptions.

Soulbound NFT

  • Create NFTs transferrable only once by the issuer. These NFTs can be used to represent commitments, credentials, or affiliations.

Secret NFT

  • Associate private content to an NFT that only the owner can access. Including images, videos, audio, or documents. Secret NFTs can be transferred peer-to-peer or traded in marketplaces.

Capsule NFT

  • Associate and update private content to an NFT that only the owner can access. Users can store an unlimited amount of digital assets and media in a Capsule. The capsules work with transfer protocols triggered based on an event or time.

Transfer Protocols

  • Rules and standards that govern how NFTs are transferred to beneficiaries over the Ternoa network.


  • Unit count token, not mintable nor tradable, designed for the gaming industry to streamline in-game purchases and enhance security for players. No need to pay gas fees, it’s managed by the contact.

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