Set the NFT royalty

Ternoa provides you with many NFT features. Not only creating an NFT can be done in just a few lines of code but we also cover many NFT basic use cases: Ternoa allows you to easily create functions to delegate, transfer, burn an NFT, or even set the NFT royalty without using any smart contracts.


Before getting started, make sure you have the following ready:

  1. Create a Ternoa account with Alphanet CAPS

  2. Install and set up your editor of choice (we will use Visual Studio Code [VSC] in this tutorial)

  3. Install NodeJS v.14+ & NPM

How to set an NFT royalty using Ternoa-JS

This function sets the NFT royalty on the Ternoa chain. It returns an object promise containing the NFTRoyaltySetEvent provided by the Ternoa blockchain. Use your own account by updating the //TernoaTestAccount with your account seed when retrieving the keyring from the example below. Replace the NFT_ID, and royalty variables with the ID you want to set the royalty and the royalty amount.

import {
} from "ternoa-js";

const delegateNFT = async () => {
	try {
		await initializeApi();
		const keyring = await getKeyringFromSeed("//TernoaTestAccount");
		const NFT_ID = 1; // the NFT id to update the royalty
		const royalty = 10;
		const nftData = await setRoyalty(
		console.log(`NFT ${nftData.nftId} undelegated`);
	} catch (e) {

The expected params

`id`: The ID of the NFT to update the royalty.
`amount`: The new royalty value.
`keyring`: the provided keyring (containing the address) will be used to sign the transaction and pay the execution fee.
`waitUntil`: WaitUntil defines at which point we want to get the results of the transaction execution: BlockInclusion or BlockFinalization.


The response provided from the blockchain event includes all the information below according to the parameters provided when updating the NFT's royalty.

`nftId`: ID of the updated NFT.
`royalty`: The new royalty amount as a number.


If you face any trouble, feel free to reach out to our community engineers in our Discord.

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