Javascript SDK

Welcome to the Javascript builder section 👨‍💻

Ternoa provides a collection of tools to make web3 project development easier and faster:

  • Ternoa-JS - An isomorphic javascript library integrating the custom Ternoa FRAMEs to interact with the chain in a seamless experience.

  • Ternoa Indexer - A GraphQL queryable database to get on-chain data.

  • Ternoa FRAMEs - Custom substrate FRAMEs to create and manage utility NFTs.

The Ternoa chain has two networks based on Substrate: Mainnet and Alphanet. Find all the environment-related endpoints here.

If you're new to the Ternoa JavaScript builder ecosystem, we strongly suggest starting with the Getting Started introduction track. It will not only give you the necessary prerequisites but also aid in comprehending some vital architectural concepts for efficient building. Provide a specific focus to the following sections: Ternoa-js architecture, events, and workflow.

If you are looking for a way to kickstart your builder journey, you should start interacting with the Ternoa-js SDK and Indexer with our NODE-JS quickstart guide 🏁.

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