Ternoa Fortress

In this section, discover core concepts and features underlying Ternoa Fortress, our TEE network and decentralized key management use case

Ternoa Fortress is the first-of-a-kind flexible decentralized infrastructure that can host any confidential computing application. Ternoa Fortress infrastructure co-evolved with the Ternoa Secret-NFT solution.

Fortress is an off-chain and chain-agnostic decentralized protocol based on the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology while Secret-NFT is a radical approach for adding confidentiality to regular NFTs respecting transferability and transparent flexible ownership.

Secret-NFT technology at its core is a Decentralized Key Management System (DKMS) where in Ternoa it is backed by tens of cryptographic layers called Fortress. In this article, we explain the design decisions and implementation details of these two products.

For a Decentralized Key Management System, Fortress in addition to expected security, the confidentiality of storage/retrieval of keys without any central authority or master key, provides a set of unique management features like Asynchronous Noninteractive Key Transfer, Interoperability between applications, and Resilience.

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