Ternoa-js library

Overview ⚙️

Welcome to the Ternoa-js developer documentation. Ternoa-js's main objective is to be: one of the most user-friendly tools to build web3 projects on top of the Ternoa Chain. Based on Polkadot{.js} API and Javascript, it offers developers the ability to query and interact with substrate chains like the Ternoa chain. It provides a seamless experience and allows you to start building at a glance: an extra short init and just a few lines of code, and your first NFT will be live on the chain.

What is the Ternoa-Js library?

Ternoa-Js is an isomorphic Node js library integrating the custom Ternoa Primitives/FRAMEs to interact with the chain.

Forward Together

Ternoa-js is an open-source project. Feel free to interact and move forward with us. If you have questions about anything related to Ternoa, need help, or want to request features, you can open a discussion on our GitHub Discussions And if you find an issue, let us know in our GitHub Issues section.

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