Transmission protocols

Transmission Protocols are a set of rules used by the Ternoa network for secure transmission of NFTs and data between accounts. They offer users the ability to control who can access their data and when. This is achieved through encryption, authentication, and security measures that prevent third-party interference. Users can mint various types of NFTs, choose a Transmission Protocol, and set specific conditions for transferring the NFT. When these conditions are met, the protocol triggers the automatic transfer of the NFT to the designated recipient.

  • Big Day Protocol - This protocol allows users to set a specific date for the automatic transfer of their NFTs. With the Big Day Protocol, there are two preset conditions to select from: you can program a specific date for automatic transmission or include a reset option that allows the date to change before transmission. This gives users the flexibility to make changes if needed while ensuring that their NFTs are protected until the designated release time. The Big Day Protocol can be used to coordinate product launches or company announcements by programming the specific transmission date. It can be used for personal surprises to transmit an NFT gift to arrive on a birthday, anniversary, or holiday.

  • Consent Protocol - This protocol allows users to specify trusted individuals who can access their NFT under emergency or unforeseen circumstances. To set up the Consent Protocol, users choose specific recipient addresses and set a threshold on number of recipients that need to request access before the protocol is triggered. There is also a Consent at Date Protocol, which works similarly to the Consent Protocol, but with an additional requirement that a specified date must have passed for the protocol to be triggered and the transmission to happen. The Consent Protocol is a powerful tool for distributing assets to beneficiaries, such as a will or trust fund. By requiring a certain number of recipients to trigger the protocol, the Consent Protocol provides a secure and reliable way to ensure that your assets are passed on to the right people at the right time.

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