Ternoa Dictionary records all the native substrate on-chain data of the Ternoa blockchain: blocks, extrinsics, and events. It is a glossary of data that pre-indexes chain events, drastically improving the overall indexing performance. Unlike the Indexer, no data relating to the Ternoa pallets is covered by the Dictionary.

If you already looked at our documentation, you should now understand that the indexing data provided by the chain can be retrieved both on our (alphanet indexer or mainnet indexer) and also on our dictionary.

Since the Dictionary is focused on native substrate on-chain data contained in blocks, (instead of being focused on listening events like the indexer), you can use it for :

  • Installing it into your own indexer as we do to improve performance.

  • Use it to query data exactly like on the indexer

If you want to know which tool suits you the best, look at the official documentation.

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