Why build on Ternoa


Our tech stack has been designed to cater to the needs of the greatest number of developers. Regardless of your background, or of the type of application you are looking to build, you will find a suitable dev environment to launch your project.

  • On Ternoa, new developers making their first steps in web3 don’t need to learn how to write smart contracts to develop blockchain applications. Our javascript SDK enables this and makes Ternoa suitable for web2 audiences just entering web3, including corporations & organizations.

  • Seasoned Web3 developers can deploy WASM smartcontracts on Ternoa Chain written in Rust, C, C++, or Typescript. And will soon be able to build EVM dapps in Solidity. Our smartcontract environments enable the most complex use cases to be built on our infrastructure, and take advantage of our built-in confidentiality features and security.


For developers and dapps with a need to secure, control access and transmit confidential data without relying on 3rd parties or tech platform. Ternoa natively offers privacy features through the Fortress, our decentralized key management system. Enabling developers to create and compose private yet trustless applications very easily. Builders and users can interact with the Fortress via Ternoa Chain today. The Fortress will also become accessible from Ternoa zkEVM once launched.


Ternoa Chain is built with Substrate, an open-source, thoroughly audit framework powered by state of the art Proof of Stake consensus. Our network is decentralized by hundreds of nodes and validators. And our architecture makes us natively compatible to rely upon Polkadot's network security.

Ternoa zkEVM combines zero knowledge proofs with additional TEE proofs to achieve enhanced levels of network security.

Networks Purpose

Each of Ternoa's network serve the shared goal of making internet a more decentralized and private place , and play a specific role in this grand scheme:

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