Delegated NFT

Ternoa's NFT delegation feature empowers NFT owners to share the utilities of their unique digital assets without giving up ownership. This innovative solution enables users to share the benefits of their NFTs without exchanging any money, maintaining complete ownership rights, and retaining the NFT in their wallet. With Ternoa's NFT delegation, you can confidently share your NFT's capabilities while ensuring that you retain full control over your valuable digital assets.

For example, imagine an artist who has created an NFT, but wants to share that artwork with a museum to display their work. The artist could delegate some of the utilities of the NFT to a gallery, allowing them to display the artwork as part of an exhibition. The artist would still retain full ownership of the NFT, and would be able to revoke the delegation at any time, ensuring that they maintain control over work. This type of NFT delegation could be particularly useful in the art world, where physical exhibitions and events are often used to showcase and promote artists' work. By enabling NFT delegation, artists can extend the reach of their work beyond the digital realm, while still maintaining complete ownership and control over their NFTs.

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