Capsule NFT

In an era where digital data is highly susceptible to hacking and breaches, preserving and protecting private data and memories have become paramount. Addressing this need is Ternoa's innovative solution, Capsules. These are a novel form of NFTs that offer unlimited storage capacity and automated transfer services, aiming to redefine how we store and transmit data. Unlike conventional storage methods, Capsules use decentralized technology, which allows for secure data storage and transmission by dispersing it across multiple locations, thus mitigating the risk of hacking or data tampering. Capsules facilitate data sharing at predetermined times or events, providing a streamlined and secure means of data transfer.

To assure privacy with Capsules, data is stored in a decentralized manner using IPFS protocol. Capsules can hold multiple media files and allow for off-chain data to be altered or updated even after they have been minted, which provides users with the flexibility to modify, remove, or add new files as needed. The media is encrypted using PGP keys, and the private key is divided into shares using Shamir's Secret Sharing algorithm. Each share is securely stored in an enclave using TEE technology, accessible only to the current owner. Capsules use advanced security measures to safeguard the data they store, such as partitioning the encryption key and securely storing it in enclaves.

Capsules offer a revolutionary approach to data storage and transfer, providing a secure and verifiable solution to protect information across multiple industries, from medical records and supply chain management to education and real estate. They ensure transparency and accountability in the transfer of essential data. In the art world, they help safeguard the authenticity of artworks, and in real estate, they streamline the storage and transfer of property titles and deeds. Significantly, Capsules serve as a unique medium for preserving personal legacies and memories for future generations. By securely storing personal data, photos, and videos, they ensure these memories can be passed down and cherished in the years to come. Capsules allow families to create digital time capsules of memories, triggered for sharing at significant milestones, offering a way to control personal data, protect privacy, and preserve memories across generations.

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