Prerequisites: Install the ternoa-js library.

To initialize the library, add the following code to your dApp:

import { initializeApi } from "ternoa-js";

await initializeApi();

Once the Ternoa-JS library is initialized, you will be able to use all the powerful NFT FRAMEs designed by Ternoa to build your dApps.

The default network used is Alphanet. To connect to the Mainnet network it is as simple as passing the desired WSS endpoint:

import { initializeApi } from "ternoa-js";

// The endpoint here will make the init API on the Ternoa Mainnet network
await initializeApi("wss://");

That's it! You're ready to build your dApp on Ternoa.

Accessing the Ternoa API

Ternoa SDK provides a powerful function named getRawApi() to interact with the API. If the API is connected, it will be directly returned. You can use it all throughout your development experience to access passed data, subscribe to blockchain events, and access real-time blockchain info outside of extrinsics, constants, or queries.

   //we assume that API has been initiated before
   const api = await getRawApi()

   // Do something
   // example: To get the last block
   const signedBlock = await api.rpc.chain.getBlock();

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