What is Ternoa

Ternoa is a multi-network and cross-layer protocol leveraging confidential computing technologies to make blockchain more secure, private and scalable.

Our tech stack combines distributed ledger and confidential computing technologies to provide decentralized yet private development environments for next generation applications. Ternoa comprises of 3 independent, yet interconnected networks:

  • Ternoa Chain: A WASM Layer 1 blockchain network built on Substrate where builders can deploy ink! smartcontracts coded in Rust, C, C++ or Typescript, and call pre-coded primitives through a JavaScript SDK (mainnet since April 2022)

  • Ternoa Fortress: A decentralized TEE-powered coprocessor network, implemented as a key management system, enabling users to encrypt off-chain data with on-chain encryption keys (mainnet since September 2023)

  • Ternoa zkEVM: A Layer 2 validium secured with TEE multi-proofs, offering a full EVM equivalent environment where builders can deploy solidity smartcontracts (mainnet planned for 2024)

Since the beginning Ternoa has been envisioned as a comprehensive protocol enabling new privacy and security use cases. Our TEE-powered tech stack has been live and available as a mainnet L1 since 2022, prompting us to develop a multi-layer and multi-chain architecture, set for delivery in 2024.

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