Burn a collection

Ternoa provides you with many collection features. Not only creating a collection can be done in just a few lines of code but we also cover many collection basic use cases: Ternoa allows you to easily create functions to close, limit and burn a collection.


Before getting started, make sure you have the following ready:

  1. Create a Ternoa account with Alphanet CAPS

  2. Install and set up your editor of choice (we will use Visual Studio Code [VSC] in this tutorial)

  3. Install NodeJS v.14+ & NPM

How to burn a collection of NFT using Ternoa-JS

This function burns a collection of NFT on the Ternoa chain. It returns an object promise containing the CollectionBurnedEvent provided by the Ternoa blockchain. Use your own account by updating the //TernoaTestAccount with your account seed when retrieving the keyring from the example below. Replace the COLLECTION_ID with the one to burn.

import {
} from "ternoa-js";

const burnCollection = async () => {
	try {
		await initializeApi();
		const keyring = await getKeyringFromSeed("//TernoaTestAccount");
		const COLLECTION_ID = 1; // the collection id you want to burn
		const collectionData = await burnCollection(
		console.log(`Collection ${collectionData.collectionId} burned`);
	} catch (e) {

The expected params

`id`: The ID of the Collection.
`keyring`: the provided keyring (containing the address) will be used to sign the transaction and pay the execution fee.
`waitUntil`: WaitUntil defines at which point we want to get the results of the transaction execution: BlockInclusion or BlockFinalization.


The response provided from the blockchain event includes all the information below according to the parameters provided when burning a collection of NFT.

`collectionId`: ID of the burned collection.

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