Ternoa zkEVM+

Ternoa zkEVM+ is an Ethereum Layer 2 validium designed for making "Secure Privacy" the new standard for builders and users in Web3.

Secure Privacy means that native privacy primitives made available on our network don't imply heavy trust assumptions for builders and users.

zkEVM+ will combine ZK validity proofs, external Data Availability, and trustless services execution to provide unmatched levels of security, while remaining affordable for builders and users.

Validity proofs

Built with Polygon CDK, Ternoa zkEVM+ uses Zero Knowledge validity proofs to confirm state transitions with fast finality.

Available on Testnet

Modular DA

Ternoa zkEVM+ posts rollup data on Avail DA for optimized costs, without compromising on security and data availability.

Work in progress 🚧

TEE proofs

zkEVM+ services are deployed in trust-minimized setups, backed with economic security to alleviate implicit trust assumptions made by builders and users.

Work in progress 🚧

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