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Join the Movement: Earn $30 Monthly in $CAPS

Participation is straightforward: set up a node to start earning up to $30 in $CAPS each month.

This is an opportunity to contribute to our network’s resilience while also making tangible financial gains in $CAPS.

Monthly payouts will be adjusted every month to match adoption, up until the budgeted envelope of $CAPS has been fully allocated.

A. Name and register your node: Unlock potential surprises

Be creative when naming your node! A unique name not only sets your node apart but might also unlock additional surprises in the future.

You will need a wallet with some $CAPS to complete the registration process

1. Connect to Substrate Contracts UI

Ignore the dropdown list network selection showing other network

2. Instanciate Smart contract

2.1 Use On-Chain Contract Address

  • The contract address is 5HknN4gFaaWtrCmZRLfhThGRnr8PKYx3duH55BAM318EAyFw

2.2 Download MetaData

  • Download the metadata file here (juste Save the page as json)

2.3 Instanciate contract

  • Name the smart contract as “Ternoa Node registration”, and add this file to Metadata Upload.

3. Register your node name.

Make sure you have some $CAPS on your wallet

  • Select your wallet to link with your node

  • Enter your node name

  • Call the contract

  • To verify your registration, you can choose checkSubmission() in ‘Message to Send’

B. Getting Started with an Archive Node

Setting up a node is easy!

Simply follow the step-by-step guide available on our GitHub page and start your node!

Once setup, your node should appear here:

Once displayed, it’s confirmed: you’re officially part of the network! 🎉

Limited Offer: Act Fast!

This incentive is exclusive to 1 000 nodes slots, as showing on Telemetry dashboard.

First rewards will be distributed from March 1st onwards. Remember, it’s a first-come, first-served basis — so get in quick!

This is more than just an incentive; it’s a call to action for those who believe in a more secure, decentralized future. Join us on this journey, and let’s reach the 1000 node milestone together!

Ready, Set, Node!

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