Key components of the Ternoa private data protocol include:

  1. Layer 1 blockchain running on Polkadot technology

  2. On-chain protocol that includes rules for state management and access of encrypted NFTs, on-chain registration for secret node operators, and rewards management

  3. Secure enclaves running in Trusted Execution environments for distributed key management, organized in clusters that sync data among themselves in real-time for data redundancy,

  4. In-enclave oracles to communicate keyshare receipt to blockchain.

  5. Ternoa Javascript SDK to build DApps

  6. Ternoa IPFS gateway to allow decentralized storage of encrypted private data

  7. Ternoa indexer and dictionary for DApps to access historical on-chain data

  8. Attestation server for remote attestation of enclaves

  9. Metrics server to record performance of secret nodes and submit scores to blockchain

  10. Dashboard for secret node operators to claim rewards

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